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Set with PID-controlled independent brew boilers and an electronic transducer for quick-recovery steam pressure, the Rocket R9 commercial espresso machine brings labor-saving technology to the bar.

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The Rocket R9

Rocket Espresso's answer for cafés the world-over, the R9 commercial espresso machine offers a design dedicated for individual control of each brew group. Each group head has its own 1.9-liter brew boiler, variable temperature PID, shot timer, and automatic control cluster. Supporting this granular system is a massive steam boiler equipped with sensitive pressure transducers that help reduce recovery times for your busiest mornings. Of course, the service-ready design of the internals come wrapped in Rocket Espresso's sturdy polished steel casing.

Key Features 

PID Controllers - controllers for each group that ensure temperature consistency for multiple coffee types.

Saturated Boilers - each group gets its own independently controlled 1.9-liter brew boiler.

Volumetric Shot Programming - stops automatically after brewing the programmed shot volume

Cool-Touch Steam Wands - steam milk without worrying about burns

Updated Ergonomics - a low-set control cluster to improve workflow at rush hour.


Installation Requirements

Professional installation required

220v outlet - see manual instructions

Water filtration - see manual instructions

Pressure regulator may be necessary if water pressure is too high - see manual instructions

We’re happy to advise on any of the above requirements

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