Gen 5 M2

Gen 5 M2

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The Puqpress M2 is an electronic designed for a seamless fit with Mythos 1 and 2 Grinders to offer cafes a combined grind on-demand and precision tamping solution.

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The Puqpress Gen 5 M2 Tamper

Looking to streamline your workflow and keep your barista elbow at bay? You needn't look much further than the Puqpress M2 electronic tamping system. The Puqpress uses electronically adjustable tamping pressure so you can set it to your desired force, and it will tamp to the same setting every time. With the Puqpress M2, you can mount the tamper directly beneath your Nuova Simonelli/Victoria Arduino Mythos 1 or Mythos 2 espresso grinder, streamlining your production process and saving on precious counter space. The new Generation 5 model also sports a quieter motor.

You can complete your set here with our Nuova Simonelli/Victoria Arduino Mythos 1 or Mythos 2 Grinders.

Key Features

No Need for Counter Space - just place your grinder on top and start serving consistent coffees.

No-Stick Tamper Finish - due to its new polished finish even less coffee sticks to the tamper.

Flat & Level Tamping - a super tough frame ensures all your tamps to be 100% flat.

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