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The BWT bestprotect filter cartridge offer important protection to your machine technology while optimize raw water for the best tasting coffees and hot drinks. *Filterhead not included

BWT bestprotect- water+more

BWT bestprotect* filter acts to prevent limescale and gypsum formation that helps the machine technology prevent corrosion problems on stainless steel parts. But also works to ensure a high pH value delivering top sensory characteristics to ensure high quality hot beverages.

*Filterhead Not Included


Key Features

Protection - against limescale and gymsum deposits

Installment - very easy to handle with BWT besthead Flex connection

Hot Beverages - ideal use for high temperature drinks

Filter system - specially design for gastronomy and bakeries

Great for generating steam in ovens, steamers and steam cookers

Space efficient


Technical Benefits

All materials used are food-safe

Professional 5-stage filtration

Active carbon fleece for crystal-clear water at all times

High pH value to minimize the risk of corrosion

Easy to be replaced


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