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The Fiorenzato F64 Evo features a powerful 450-watt motor, 64mm flat steel burrs, and a stepless grind adjustment system. It has a digital display for programming and monitoring the grinding process, as well as a doser chamber for storing ground coffee. The F64 Evo is designed for home or commercial use and offers precise and consistent grinding.

Includes free shipping, a 12-month parts warranty, and Lifetime Pro Support.

The Fiorenzato F64 EVO

The F64 EVO is a coffee grinder especially useful as a high-value secondary machine for decaf or a low volume cafe. This machine sports all the typical features of a Fiorenzato on-demand grinder for accurate timer dosing and simple use, as well as an automatic fan to keep burrs cool. An excellent secondary machine that doesn’t compromise on quality.

What's Included?

Fiorenzato F64 EVO espresso grinder

12-Month Parts Warranty

Free shipping within the contiguous US

Lifetime Pro Support

Key Features

Stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment - Maximum control to dial in your grind size
Easy cleaning - has two quick-release levers that allows you to access the grinding chamber.

Portafilter fork - Holds your portafilter to dose into directly, also adjustable and removal for filling other containers

Touch display - easily configure and monitor settings.

Motor cooling fan - Improved heat ventilation for better grind size consistency and to protect the flavour of your beans,

M340 steel burrs - easily polishable, highly resistant to corrosion

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